Is iAppeal Right For You?

If you own a single-family home or apartment building with 2 to 6 units in Cook County, Illinois, then iAppeal could be right for you. *

Our high-tech tool helps you appeal your property taxes on your own without confusion or frustration.

*At this time, iAppeal cannot accurately analyze your property if: (1) your home sits on more than one PIN; or (2) a coach house exists on your single PIN.

Cook County Map - iAppeal Service Area

Service Area

iAppeal currently serves residents in Cook County, Illinois.

How Does It Work

You will provide iAppeal with your Property Index Number (PIN) or home address. Then, after answering a few questions, iAppeal will analyze the data and provide you with all viable options to appeal your tax assessment. After determining the best contention, iAppeal will organize the evidence and generate all appeal forms in a comprehensive, professional appeal. Finally, iAppeal will direct you on when, where, and how to send your completed appeal.

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