A Quicker Appeal Process

An Efficient Appeal Process

iAppeal saves you time by finding and analyzing the most relevant comparable properties in your neighborhood.

A Better Chance to Win

A Better Chance to Win

iAppeal generates all necessary documents for you with the click of a button. You will never have to worry about which forms to use or how to fill them out.

No Need for a Consultant

No Need for a Consultant

iAppeal guides you step by step through the appeal process, including updates on your neighborhood data.

Get Started Reducing Your Property Taxes

Lack Of Uniformity
Your Assessed Value (AV) should be in line with other, similarly classified homes in your neighborhood.

iAppeal analyzes your property based on its location, classification, size, number of stories, construction type, and age. All of these factors contribute to how your home is assessed and could likely be misrepresented in your current assessment. iAppeal gives you the tools to effectively compare and formulate with utmost precision an appeal that will yield an equitable assessment.

Recent homebuyers can save on property taxes.

Compare your recent purchase price to the Fair Market Value (FMV) indicated by your home's Assessed Value (AV). If the purchase price is lower, iAppeal can help reduce your property tax assessment with the right paperwork.

Take advantage of a recent appraisal.

You can use a recent appraisal to appeal the Assessed Value of your home. If you recently refinanced your mortgage or had your home appraised for any other reason, an appraisal can be a valuable resource in reducing your property taxes. Additionally, if you do not have a recent appraisal, you may consult with an appraiser. If market data suggests, you may order an appraisal for ad valorem purposes and use it as evidence in appealing your assessment.

Check the Assessor's description of your home for accuracy.

All properties are categorized into different classifications. An incorrect description could be costing you extra in property taxes. Request a correction using iAppeal’s convenient platform.

Vacancy can also help you achieve property tax relief.

A property rendered uninhabitable due to fire, flood, new construction or rehabilitation may qualify for vacancy relief. iAppeal helps you analyze your specific situation to determine whether an extended vacancy due to these circumstances can help you achieve a reduction in your property tax burden.


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iAppeal currently serves residents in Cook County, Illinois.

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